Technical development

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Technical development

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Technical partner

  • 고등기술연구원

  • 재료연구소

  • 한국로봇융합연구원

  • 한국생산기술연구원

ㆍEmployee Learning Service - Korea Industrial Personnel Management Corporation

ㆍProfessor of Industrial Field - Korean Association of Education

ㆍProfessor of Industrial Field in Korea - Korea Industrial Personnel Management Corporation

Content of Research
  • Development of Automatic Joint Technology for Clad Pipes Using Laser Hybrid Welding (Mid-Term Agency, 2017)
  • Development of Propellant Fuel Titanium Tank Manufacturing Technology Using Titanium Metal 3D Printing Technology by DED (Medium Office, 2017)
  • Fabrication of Combustor Nozle using Inconel 718 Alloy 3D Laser Printing Technology by PBF-SLM (Ministry of Industry and Energy, 2018)
  • Integrated implant manufacturing technology using DEP method (POST-BI support project, 2018)
Research Equipment
Equipment name quantity 수량
Welder (FCAW: 2SET, GTAW: 4SET) 6 ea
Laser (FIBER, DIODE) 1 ea
HWP-200E (Hot Wire System) 1 ea
Robot (M-710iC/70) 1 ea
RH35 (Induction Heat Treatment) 1 ea
Psalm abrasive 1 ea
Microscope 1 ea
Medium cutter 1 ea
Mounting 1 ea
Actual microscope 1 ea
VMS1300/1600(Video Monitering System) 1 ea
Patent and presentation documents
  • Fabrication Technology of Double Tube Clad Pipes with Laser-Arc Hybrid Welding Process (2018)
  • Fabrication Technology of Double Tube Clad Pipes with LPB Method (2018)
  • Ti Alloy Laser Wire Stacking Technology Using DED Method (2018)
  • A Study on the Development of Overlapping Welding Conditions for Double-tube Pipe using Hybrid Welding (Korea Association of Joints,)